There has been an on-line voting betwenn the visitors of the web page for the best beaches of Greece. Sarti, Halkidiki beach was placed in the 6th place of the voted top ten greek beaches.

These are the results from the vote of 488.472 visitors from 66 countries.

  1. PortoKatsiki, Leykada
  2. Myrtos,Kefallonia
  3. AgiosProkopios – Naxos, Kyklades
  4. Zacharo,Ileia
  5. Kathisma,Leykada
  6. Sarti,Halkidiki
  7. Koykoynaries- Skiathos, Magnisia
  8. Gerakas,Zakynthos
  9. Kalogria,Axaia
  10. Falasarna,Hania

The electronic poll placed the beach of Sarti Halkidiki in the sixth place (photograph) and it’s granted with the sixth “light blue medal” for the best Greek beaches.

6thReward: Sarti, Municipality of Sithonia, Halkidiki

“We have the most beautiful coasts, we can have the cleanest too” is the moto of the web page that elected the most popular beaches of Greece for period 2004-2005 via voting that became from 51 countries. This voting is a part of the national program “For clean seas and coasts”, that is for 12 years known worldwide. This site was recognized officially in 2000 and it is an excellent example and source of inspiration for the responsible services of European Union”, as the on that time delegate of Environment Mr Margkaret Balstrom said.

The ten beaches that were selected as cleanest Greek beaches will be rewarded with Light blue Medals, which will be given by Green Greece to the mayors of the territory in which they belong, as a recognition of their efforts, but also for more will for maintenance of beauty and cleanness in the coasts.

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